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Also used as a secondary wood on good-quality furniture. Soft, pale, honey-coloured wood used in England and America as a secondary timber for drawer linings, and in the 19th century for inexpensive furniture (which was often painted). Highly figured dark red-brown wood with blackish streaks.

In 1900, Frederick and Harriett Pigott built "Persimmon Hill", their two-story, Victorian-style house [A] at Dola, WV.

Only the head and the point were forged, so these nails, which were common from the 17th to the early 19th century, can be distinguished from earlier ones by the sharp regular profile of the cut section.

Of all the categories of antiques you can collect, furniture is among the most popular and practical.

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Reproduction rose-head nails of approximately four inches long: Left and Centre: two machine-cut nails, one turned on its side to show two parallel sides (left) and two tapered sides (centre) Right: a hand-wrought nail with a tapered shank and large rose-head.Many pieces offer you the alternative of using them either for their original purpose, or of adapting them to modern-day living.Furniture differs from other types of antique in that you probably don't want to collect it by the type of object - nobody wants a room full of only chests or tables - but you may have an affinity for a particular wood or style of decoration.This secondary wood, as it's known, is most commonly pine or oak. Used during the 18th century and Regency periods, nearly always as a veneer. Brownish-whitish wood used in the solid from the 17th century for the frames of upholstered furniture, because it doesn't split when tacked. Ranges in tone from light to dark brown, much used during the 18th century for French provincial furniture made in the solid. A dark, boldly figured wood, almost black in parts, with pale striations, used mainly as a veneer for refined furniture of the Regency period. Dense, heavy, almost black wood, often used as a contrasting inlay in marquetry veneering. Light brown wood, popular for Windsor chairs and provincial English furniture. Rich golden-brown or red-brown wood, which became popular in England c.1730.Listed below are examples of the most frequently seen types of woods used for antique furniture. Also popular during the 18th and 19th centuries as a base for painted furniture. Orange-brown wood popular for American Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture. There are several types of mahogany - San Domingan, Cuban, Honduras and Spanish are most common. Deep, rich, chocolate-brown or pale golden-brown coarse-grained wood used predominantly in Britain from Middle Ages to late 17th century.

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