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As I read through his thoughts I knew that this tosh had to be addressed. I’m hoping my thoughts shared here will help many gain perspective and retain resolve about the official currency of Iraq.

The feeling I get when reading what so many are saying about the IQD is so different than what I had two years ago.

Here we are year after year and the same people continue to be wrong.

Bad information naturally gives the Dinar a bad wrap. Well, despite incorrect information and false rumors, the fact remains the IQD has grown in value over the years.

Secondly, the misfortunes of the few have somehow been placed on the many.

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First off, it’s clear to me that the constant pumpers who’ve tirelessly shared their daily prognostications about the imminent revalue of the Dinar (my site’s perennial “Doozies” and “Rumors” dwellers) have really damaged the morale of their followers, and that of the reputation of Iraq’s legitimate currency.Handling a loved one's estate or needing to liquidate your own personal assets can be a difficult and emotional task.Our priority is to liquidate only specific items in which we specialize in, because we will only work with what we know. Usually you will get your order within 7-10 days when there is a great demand. Until markets develop for the resale of Iraqi Dinars, it may difficult for you to liquidate your Iraqi Dinars or exchange them for US Dollars.

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