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He’s taken aback by her reaction and tells her goodbye.“I know what you're doing I see it all too clear/I only taste the saline when I kiss away your tears/You really had me going wishing on a star/But the black holes that surround you are heavier by far/I believed in your confusion you were so completely torn/Well it must have been that yesterday was the day that I was born/There's not much to examine there's nothing left to hide/You really can't be serious if you have to ask me why/I say goodbye.” In the chorus, he says he’s under a lot stress by being with her. At this point, he thinks he cannot let himself be brought down.

The streets here are empty All the people went home Well, I was just wondering if you're alone So how you've been lately?Through a little bit of luck (and the awesome people at Tunespeak), I won tickets for us to see Duncan with Suzanne Vega, at the Saban Theatre, as well as a meet & greet with Duncan, and a signed set list.James has been a huge fan of Duncan’s since his first album dropped in 1996.I knew “Barely Breathing” and “She Runs Away” but I don’t know who sang them (confession, I may not even have known that they were by the same artist).Duncan finally got on my radar after I discovered Spring Awakening.

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