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(As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online dating business for over 16 years!

Who is asking this question (the girl who likes "him", but didn't want to kiss him on the first date?

She and I have been so blatant about it and we joked about it, talked about it, and removed the awkwardiness about it.

She knows she’s meeting a lover, a confident guy and who knows what he wants and how it’s going to happen on the day we meet.

If you are an Adult (21 or older) you should learn to give someone you go out with a goodnight kiss at the end of a date if, you like them, you had a good time, you are physically attracted to him, and you want to kiss him.

Before we meet, we have already communicated on text and then lead to phone.

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In the long run if this guy likes you and cares about you he will respect you for not being "easy"."What does a guy/girl have to do to get a kiss around here? When religion — or a strict upbringing — guides a person's behavior, they may take any kind of physical contact very seriously.If that's the case, says Schwartz, no amount of prodding, flirting, or begging for a kiss will get you what you want.We have agreed on phone, we have blasted it out on text and we have put the middle finger to social norms and all that creates awkwardiness.She has even initiated it so in the conversation, in the text and on phone. Dating becomes stressful and each one is waiting on who is going to say what and who is going to do what first. It takes time to grow, be experience and know exactly what to do.

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