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There's also a small delay between the hook landing and it pulling.

But one day, the heart will be found by someone who would journey beyond the reef, find Maui, deliver him across the great ocean to restore Te Fiti's heart and save us all. Hogs will learn to avoid people in cover and focus on those in open areas (which there will be plenty of).Combine that with the fact that the new combo does more damage now and things might ballance each other out. ) / The fishermen come back from the sea ♫ Moana: ♫ I wanna see ♫ Chief Tui: ♫ Don't walk away / Moana, stay on the ground now / Our people will need a chief and there you are ♫ Chief Tui and Sina: ♫ There comes a day / When you're gonna look around / And realize happiness is where you are ♫ Chief Tui: ♫ Consider the coconut (the what? Chief Tui: I know, I know, but you don't go out there. This old one's all we need) / This tradition is our mission / And Moana, there's so much to do (Make way) / Don't trip on the taro root, that's all you need / We share everything we make (We make) / We joke and we weave our baskets (Aha! I've wanted to bring you here from the moment you opened your eyes.

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