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It's good for your urine to be clear or a pale yellow color.My doctor says that tells you you're getting enough liquids.Talk with your doctor or nurse to learn what symptoms you may experience and ask which ones to call about.Some urinary or bladder changes may be normal, such as changes to the color or smell of your urine caused by some types of chemotherapy.Gus talks urinal etiquette and Blaine remembers one of his worst halloween costumes. registering for free membership enables you to post in the forums, view attachments in the forums, and access the members galleries where you will be able to view pictures, download movies and upload your own files and much more!“The accused was fully aware that the women had not agreed to the recordings in that the recordings where made with a camera that was elaborately built in to a beer can and the films were of high quality,” Judge Tove Horsager said according to Ritzau.The man’s defence lawyer unsuccessfully argued that the women had essentially given up their right to privacy by urinating in public, saying that in some cases the women relieved themselves “relatively close to” the defendant and that some of them “even sat there and smiled” at his client.

P-Tree is a rotation molded recycled plastic receptacle that straps onto a tree trunk, transforming your resident oak into the backdrop for a public (very public) urinal. P-Tree acknowledges the inevitable and adds a layer of protection so that said trees don’t take a direct hit. Because let’s be honest: Aim has never been the drunk man’s strong suit).

Your health care team will determine what is causing your symptoms and will advise on steps to take to feel better.

Irritation of the bladder lining (radiation cystitis): In people being treated for cancer, a UTI can turn into a serious condition that needs immediate medical care.

My sleep also gets disturbed due to frequent urination.

After 2 hours of taking tea and water, I urinate frequently.

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