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Billed as ‘a story of illicit love, racism and betrayal’, the show — Hutch — focuses on the relationship between Philip’s ‘Uncle Dickie’, the last Viceroy of India, and Edwina, whose affair with the West Indian-born singer, pianist and cabaret star Leslie ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, humiliated Mountbatten — and riveted London society in the Thirties.

It also refers to claims which have surfaced over the years that Edwina and Hutch were said to have been discovered in flagrante delicto, intimately locked together through a rare medical phenomenon.

After two years of being Byron's " associate since October 1805", John had to move away from Cambridge to London and Byron wrote to a woman friend, Elizabeth Pigot, about his heartbreak, saying that he was planning to live with his "protégé" after he had completed his studies, which would "put Lady E. They were very friendly and hospitable to Byron and Veli Pasha did give him a beautiful white horse.

Byron's relationships with friends of both sexes seem to have been shadowed by jealousy and possessiveness.

Cameron said later that "a very specific denial was made a week ago".

On this day in 1975, a chartered Boeing 707 jetliner crashes in the Atlas Mountains near Agadir, a coastal city in southern Morocco.It shouldn’t be too long before self-dubbed “boy band”, BROCKHAMPTON, makes their way into your life.As the Queen and Prince Philip prepare for their historic appearance at Baroness Thatcher’s funeral next week, they will be dismayed to learn of a controversial and intimate portrayal of the Duke’s uncle, Earl Mountbatten of Burma — in a raunchy musical.He later referred to it as a passion "violent though pure". He reported that he was amusing himself with "a Sopha to tumble upon" with a Greek boy called Eustathius who had "ambrosial curls hanging down his amiable back".Even much later in life, after the "Thyrza" poems had become very famous and popular, Byron refused to say who they were addressed to and changed the pronouns from masculine to feminine to conceal that this doomed but lifelong passion was for a man. However, some time later John wrote a very courteous and formal letter to Byron asking for his help in getting a job. While Byron was on his travels in Turkey, Albania, and Greece he wrote to Matthews frequently about his sexual conquests of boys using a coded term based on Latin "plen. It has been argued (with very little evidence)that while in the East, Byron was a lover of Ali Pasha or his son, Veli Pasha, rulers of Albania and the Peloponessus.

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